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​​If music be the food of love, play on.      William Shakespeare


Damian Berens, lives in a beautiful village near Bonn in Germany. He is a multi talented artist.
As a studied philosopher, historian and film music composer, he also has a deep interest in spirituality and shamanism (Reikimaster). Through his own quest for healing, he discovered the healing power of piano music.  He offers individual "Klangtherapie"-Sessions.
Furthermore he is the founder of the PRIVATE PIANO SCHOOL, where he loves to train young piano talents. 
One of his outstanding film projects was a collaboration with american director Tatsuya Kawauchi: "It`s never too late".  The film participated in the Beverly Hills Film,TV and New Media Film Festival in 2010.
In 2011 the film was nominated as Grand Jury Award Nominee – Best Short Documentary & Best Made In The Marianas. Here you find a link where you can watch this film:
Damian´s latest film project is called "Breakfast" and was created by Tatsuya Kawauchi and Team Tatsu for the Asian American Film Lab, Inc., as part of the 2014 72 Hour Shootout, a global film-making competition run by the Asian American Film Lab on an annual basis.
The Shootout celebrates diversity and artistic empowerment. The top ten films premiere at the prestigious Asian American International Film Fest in NYC and at the Asians on Film Festival in Los Angeles.
Here is a link to the film on Kawauchi´s website:
Recently Damian broadend his spectrum towards the field of sound branding.
Sound Branding or sonic identity is the strategic development and deployment of a brand’s unique audio assets leveraged consistently across many brand touchpoints. This not only increases your brand awareness and differentiation, but over time also saves costs by providing a clear and consistent sonic identity that is easily revised, repurposed, and expanded.  Damian will tune in into your company´s values, culture and spirit and create not just a great sound but a sound that has a classical touch and that feels right. 



Suat Dayangan, a famous hair salon in Bielefeld / Germany won the TopSalon Challenge 2015 Marketing Award by TopHair International.
An integral part of Suat Dayangan´s marketing concept is Damian´s tailor made composition called "Turn Around Baby".  
Link to TopSalon Award:
Link to Suat Dayangan`s website where you can listen to Damian´s music:
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